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Do you have many drives attached to your Mac that you would prefer not to be mounted automatically when your computer boots up?

Maybe they have volumes on them that you only use occasionally, or perhaps they hold a cloned image of one of your other volumes for backup or development and testing purposes.  This is exactly the scenario I encountered on my Mac Pro, and I didn’t want:

  1. all those drives available to the other users in my household who might accidentally write to them;

  2. have them searched by Spotlight;

  3. open myself up to accidentally overwriting a backup volume;

  4. or perhaps saving a document or file to the wrong volume by mistake - only to have it overwritten by an automated backup at a later date. 

Plus it was getting pretty boring right-clicking on the drive icons and picking “Eject” from the pop up menu every time I booted up.

I could have just written a simple shell script or something to solve this problem for my own specific purposes, but being a developer, and after failing to find something suitable via a web search, I decided it would be much slicker to have a Preference Pane in the System Preferences application that would let me easily configure what volumes should be automatically unmounted.  That way I would easily be able to adjust to any new drive or volume additions, or even just volume renames. 

And so... Unmount Volumes Preference Pane was born!

In System Preferences, once you install the package contained in the downloaded zip file, you now get an additional preference pane at the bottom titled “Unmount Volumes”

When you click on this preference pane, it takes you to a pane that lists the volumes on your Mac that are either currently mounted, or were previously mounted and selected for automatic unmount at boot (otherwise turning off unmount would be a little more complex, involving a diversion into Disk Utility).

Clicking on the lock and entering an Admin user name and password allows you to check, or uncheck, the boxes in the “Unmount at startup?” column.  That’s all there is to it!

If you like the look of what you see, then please sign up for the free trial above.  For a more in-depth guide to Unmount Volumes Preference Pane, head over to the User Guide.

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Requires OS X Leopard (10.5), compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8)

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